Get Quick Wins For Your Clients With

1 Simple Campaign

Wondering what's the best offer SaaS offer out there? One that gives your clients immediate results. That's Exactly what our WinBack SaaS Offer Is Designed To Do.

Get Results on Day 1

Quick Wins For Your Clients

An Easy To Sell Offer

An Easy To Fulfill Offer

Struggling To Figure Out Which Offer You Want To Sell?

  • What's The Easiest Way To Sell HighLevel

  • What's The Best No Brainer Offer?

The Best Offer You Can Sell is One That Gets Results For Your Clients Right Away

Your Customers Will Thank You For Bringing Them More Sales

Bringing Back More Customers Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science

It's faster, easier and a whole lot safer to re-engage past customers and members than it is to find new ones. In fact the Harvard Business Review says that a mere 5% increase in retention can improve your profits by as much as 95%.

  • Our team has perfected this process.

  • Proven Offer That We've Run on 143 Different Businesses


“I just got off a zoom call with Extendly. They helped me set up and fix a ticketing system that I have been trying to figure out on my own for weeks. They were able to help me quickly and understood all my requests and were very patient with me. 5 stars all the way!”



The Perfect No Brainer Offer For Your SaaS

It’s time to change your marketing strategy. Robb Bailey the master of Database reactivation has made millions off of this one simple offer and now you can help your customers with the same strategy.

  • Automatically Send Promotional Coupons Via SmS To Lost Customers

  • Automatically Get Insights and Feedback From Customers


“I almost gave up on using the software but the team brought me back and now is a valued piece of my business. Thank you all for the support!”



What's Included?

  • Sales Funnel for You To Sell This Offer

  • Lead Magnet for You To Attract Leads

  • Sales Letter for You To Seal The Deal

  • Follow up Funnel for You To Seal The Deal

  • Set Up & Sales Course To Set You Up For Success


“Now all our clients get live chat, I've personally had LESS requests from clients for help (since they get live chat) and I've been able to use the Slack channel for help with optimizing our business systems via High Level. I'd highly recommend investing in Extendly.”


Hannah Matheson

Client Testimonials


I already have 19 clients running WinBack. It’s working so well that my client is actually having trouble keeping up with all the new leads!


Wesley Jones


We ran it again for our client just yesterday and got him 10 fast responses and 3 more jobs booked. It’s crazy, just crazy!


Brad Elias


Steve Rosenbaum's Winback strategy is the perfect "foot in the door" for getting new clients. It gets really fast wins for your clients, so you can upsell them to other services. The training included is probably the best I've seen on this strategy


John Logar


I'm running it for a hair salon locally, and it is absolutely crushing it for them. WinBack has changed the trajectory of my business! It's like butter, man!


David Wyant

Private Slack Channel Agency Support

Your agency gets a private Slack support channel to easily communicate with our tech support team. Now, anyone on your team can chat with our support, ask questions, and get help. We're even happy to hop on a Zoom call with you and guide you through anything

you need within GHL.

  • Stop wasting time searching around for the help you need

  • Chat, ask questions, and get help whenever you need it

  • Zoom call assistance available upon request

Ultimate Win Back Offer


The Ultimate WinBack Offer Snapshot

Sales Funnel for You To Sell This Offer

Lead Magnet for You To Attract Leads

Sales Letter for You To Seal The Deal

Follow up Funnel for You To Seal The Deal

Set Up & Sales Course To Set You Up For Success

Includes Database Reactivation Snapshot for Your Clients

Includes Agency Funnels

Includes Branded Explainer Video

Includes Agency Workflows

Includes "Rapid Revenue Rush” Course Lead Magnet""

Includes Advanced Training

Includes Pitch Deck

Includes Sales Flyer Canva Template

Includes Client Workflows

Includes Automated Pipeline and Dashboard

Includes Bonus: Lifetime Updates (Normally $1295 per year)

Includes Big Bang Launch Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are your response times?

We're all about efficiency here – recent metrics show that 97% of chats are responded to within a lightning-fast 5 minutes. Talk about speedy service!"

Will my clients know this is Extendly or HighLevel?

We're a white label service, so your clients will only see your brand – our team never mentions of "Extendly" or "HighLevel" to any of your customers!

Are there any additional fees?

We like to keep things simple - just low prices with no hidden fees or extra charges.

What are your support hours?

At Extendly, we believe that good things come to those who wait – except for support. We offer 24/7 assistance for you and your client's convenience.

Can you support my custom system, processes, services, and snapshot?

While we are able to support custom systems, processes, services, and snapshots, it's important to ensure that we have a full understanding of your specific needs and requirements. If you are interested in getting help with onboarding your clients into a custom solution, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule a call. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and how we can best support you.

Do you offer agency support?

We offer agency support to help you and your team get the most out of HighLevel. This includes on-demand one-on-one calls with experts in various areas. We also offer group coaching calls and access to a Facebook group filled with other agency owners. Our support is designed to help you succeed in your business and get the most value out of HighLevel. Whether you need personalized help or want to join group sessions, we have options to meet your needs. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.